Tempted by Life part 1 edited


Many of you started following my blog when I first started writing Tempted. Since then my life has been very full and I have had much less time to write. I am now half way through my third year at university and my work load has tripled. Although writing is my main ambition, I enjoy learning and university has been an incredible experience. I spend a lot of time with my partner Helen who was diagnosed with NMO this year (look it up), its quite rare and causes a host of problems, so we have has to re-adjust our life and concentrate our efforts on us. In addition to studying, I work for the Red Cross, its a good little job that supports a great cause.  So life (for us) is full. I haven’t really written anything apart from essays in such a long time. Spent a few months promoting ‘Loved Settled and Understood’ which sold over 300 copies in the first eight weeks. I hope to keep any royalties aside so we might get married in the next couple of years. Anyhow, I’m rambling.  I decided I would put some of my education to the test and re write Tempted (or Tempted by Life) as I have re named it, to demonstrate some of the ways that my degree has helped me with structure and words. I hope you enjoy it. I can not guarantee I will write every day because sometimes life gets in the way, but I will try to write as often as I can. Please feel free to comment or just say hello.

Tempted by Life part 1

My name is Shai, pronounced shy for those of you who are unfamiliar with the name. Ironically I have never been shy in my life. Something strange is happening to me. I am normally an extrovert, loud, funny and a bit naughty, yet lately I have become such a loner. I find unexpected pleasure in crawling inside my own brain and indulging in my thoughts. This all began last month when a new computer engineer visited my workplace. Instead of the ignorant little man in his brown overall who usually looks down his nose at us, we got Tanya. She breezed into the office full of confidence, intelligence and an abundance of good humour. I was mesmerized by this girl. At the time I could not quite pin point the reason why my eyes followed her around the room. Perhaps I was struck by the confidence that she delivered in her stride or her self-assured posture that became an exhibition when she stopped in the center of the room. I could not put my finger on it, yet I was aware of the smile that was lurking just far enough below the surface of her exquisite face as not to look suspicious. She caught me looking. Alarmed as I may have been, I stared at her mouth which unchained her hidden smile and it beamed into every corner of the room. Our eyes locked  and my mouth gaped open. I must have looked a sight. My heart pounded in my chest and my mouth dried up and it was only the feeling of  cold coffee dripping onto my lap that aroused me from the trance I had fallen in to. I swung my chair around and frantically rubbed my leg with a used tissue. My face burned. Then just as I was picking loose pieces of curled up brown tissue from my skirt,  she leaned over the back of my chair to adjust my computer screen. I froze and I struggled to breath. I dropped the remaining tissue on the floor and adjusted my skirt and swear I heard her chuckle. I stared at my screen but I could see her reflection and her eyes were following mine. Diverting my attention, I found myself caressing the rim of my brown and orange retro mug. When that became unbearable, I tidied my desk using the small perimeter of space available to me where I could freely move without touching or looking at her.  Yet I was consumed. Her presence surrounded me. From the fragment of her hair that brushed over my left arm, to the feel of her breath on my neck, she had me. Her smell was intoxicating, it was hot and sweet and fruity and it swirled around my head like a daydream before whipping my heart into a frenzy. I felt dazed and weak so I excused myself in order to go the water fountain. I avoided her eyes by looking intently at the navy and white speckled carpet and the cream and white walls that suddenly seemed wider and further than I had ever noticed. I felt exposed and awkward as I staggered across the room and stepped out into the hallway. I took a long slow drink which gave me a chance to calm down, cool down and look at this woman from a distance. She was taller than me but only by inches. Her dark hair fell over her soft oval face in which her deep blue eyes were set. They sparkled and danced when the light caught them. She was thin and slender yet curved and sensual, and from every angle she looked sublime. She caught me looking at her and a cheeky grin tugged at the corner of her lip and curled it upward. I looked away from her as a lightening bolt shot through my body and my insides trembled sending an unfamiliar rush of adrenalin from my toes to the tips of my hair.  I drank some more water then walked slowly back to my desk. She had moved on to another computer  but I could see her looking back. I kept my head down and tried to concentrate on my work. I flicked through my diary, closed it, picked up the phone, put it down but I could not function because my heart was pounding so hard. I could still smell her all around my desk and I tried to devour it yet I could hardly breathe. I became light-headed and disoriented so I asked if I could take my lunch break. I almost ran to the staff room were I splashed cold water on my face. What was it about this girl who unsettled me so much? I sat on the sofa with my face in my hands and closed my eyes. There she was, imprinted in my eyelids with that warm toothy grin, and deep sparkling eyes. I went back to the sink for more cold water when she entered the staff room. I heard the door open and I turned around. She walked toward me and I stood with my back pressed hard against the work top. Her eyes never left mine as she advanced toward me. My heart pounded through my blouse as her body almost touched mine. I could feel the heat from her skin and the coolness of her breath and I melted into her eyes. My lips fell apart as I caught the tip of her tongue brush her bottom lip. I stopped breathing as her hand reached out…………………….

To be continued

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Happy 1st of Febuary


Good morning/afternoon/evening to my awesome and delightful followers,

How the hell is everyone today? I thought I would drop in and let you know what I am up to. Well, its Sunday and it should by rights be a down day and I suppose for part of the day it will be. I have university work looming and growling at me from the corner of the room. I have a stack of dishes in the kitchen that need washed, a carpet that needs hoovered as my dog has shed at least a coat since I last hoovered. I haven’t eaten yet and i am really hungry. There is a washing in the machine that needs re washed and hung up and yet here I am, talking to you whoever you may be.

University has been great this semester. I am now studying creative writing which is the sole reason I chose to go to Stirling uni. I have a module about decedent desires which is interesting and a module on children’s literature. It is such a good semester.

I have found that since uni started getting a bit more intense my own creative writing has taken a back seat. I hope that it will be worth it so that when I finally get back into blog sphere I can write some wonderful pieces that you enjoy.

My book ‘Loved Settled and Understood’ is doing fairly well. I haven’t made my fortune but I never expected to. It is wonderful getting good feedback. Many of my readers have been asking when I will be releasing a new book but I think that will be on hold while I concentrate on my degree. This may be a good thing for my writing career or it might put some of my fans off. I hope it is not the latter as I am doing this to become a much better writer.

Did I tell everyone that we got a dog? Her name is Misty and she is a short hair Collie. She is seven years old and really bloody cute.

I am afraid I will have to go and sort out breakfast because it is almost lunchtime and my tummy is growling at me. So I bid you all farewell and I hope to catch up soon.

Please drop me a wee comment. Let me know how you are and what Sunday holds for you wherever you may be in the world.


Poem ‘Davie’

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I would love someone to illustrate this for me. It is close to my heart.

Originally posted on Kirsty Grant:



Propped up on the garden shed,

wellies on his feet,

digging worms and maggots

good enough to eat,


trousers tucked in willies,

muck around his chin,

boogers hanging from his nose

but on his face a grin.


He’s chopped the worms up into two,

he’s squeezing out their gut,

he’s sucking out the tasty juice

and spitting on the hut.


His fathers out with wet wipes,

he’s grabbed him by the ear,

throwing all the worms away

and all his digging gear.


H,e hauls him right up to the house

and plonks him in the shower

but Davie’s got a maggot

to give him super powers,


he waits til dad is out of sight

and cuts the thing in half,

eats the part that tastes the best

and gives the rest a bath.


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Poem ‘I can see the wind’.

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Poem ‘I can see the wind’..

Poem ‘I can see the wind’.

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Because it is a windy evening and it reinforces my hatred for the wind

Originally posted on Kirsty Grant:

I can see the wind



I can see the wind.


You can see the airborne leaves

scooped up from the ground,

You can see the wavering branches

 on tired trees


but I see the wind


Not the inside out umbrellas

or the skirts around red faced ladies,

or even the cigarette packet

flying through the air


I can see it.


It’s not invisible!

Its long and its night coloured

and shaped like a snake and

it slithers and swishes through my hair

playing invisible.


 I can see the wind.


I see it laughing

when it reaches in our chest

and sucks our breath

then whips our words into a whisper.


 I’m not fooled

by its malice

when it asks the rain

to join in.



I can see the wind

and it’s ugly



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2014 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Living With Fibromyalgia

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This has always been a popular blog of mine and i thought I would share it again. I would like to add however, since writing this my partner became paralyzed and diagnosed with NMO, she learned to walk again

Originally posted on Kirsty Grant:

This is not your usual post about fibromyalgia for the simple reason, I don’t have it but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of it or that I don’t care about it, I do. The reason for this post is that my partner suffers from fibromyalgia and I would like to give you a medical definition of this illness but if truth be told I don’t have one. Yes I’ve read about it on various web sites and i’ve saw the list of symptoms but I want to tell you what I know about the illness because I see it every day.

Fibromyalgia is painful, it causes unexplained muscle, joint and sometimes nerve pain that can be various levels of sore and is not specific to any part of the body. The pain areas are random and often change. Fibro cause fatigue and chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, sometimes anxiety and depression…

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Originally posted on Kirsty Grant:

I enter cautiously, silently and hold my breath.
The noise which echoes through this theatre is a buzz and the cloak
I wear for my invisible arrival. I slink slowly into
the back row, into the furthest chair to the right.
The view from here is acceptable, the sound adequate
but the solitude is exhilarating.
I remove all fragments of restrictive outdoor attire
and rest my feet or the chair in front,
It doesn’t squeak, I tested it last week.
A moments preparation from the front
and we are deep within the realms of Shakespeare
or Pope, or Milton, I don’t remember,
it’s not important, I wrote it down.
Yet I do know that when you demanded my attention,
I became a part of a fragment in time.
In a room filled with people, I sat there alone,
well that is alone except you.
Your voice commanded my ears, you…

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